Logic TPS Ltd is a British manufacturer of high quality liquid filling machines, solid dose filling machines and automatic packaging lines.

We design and build our machines at our Lancashire factory, and supply to a wide variety of customers throughout the UK and overseas. Customers range from small start-up companies and specialist producers, through to large scale pharmaceutical manufacturers and multi-national companies.

Our liquid filling equipment is suitable for hot or cold liquids and is often used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products.

Tablets and capsules can be lifted, counted and sorted using Logic machines, we have a range of equipment from semi-automatic table top counters through to fully automatic lines.

Liquid Filling Systems: Electronic Gear Pump Fillers, Rotary,Volumetric Flow, Electromagnetic Flow & Mass Flow Meter Filling Lines.

Tablet Counting & Packaging: Semi-Automatic Electronic Counters, Fully Automatic Lines, Clinical Trials Filling Units.