Logic LiftStation

The Logic LiftStation is designed for feeding product on demand to primary packaging machines such as blister packers, tablet and capsule counters and strip packers. The Logic LiftStation has a range of GMP features and is easy to clean with product chip and dust removal.

Our simple and intuitive user interface has been developed over many years with customer input. Complete control over the lift cycle is facilitated by easily programmable servo parameters and lift profiles, enabling fast and efficient operation.

Designed to suit individual production environments with configurable discharge heights.

The standard Logic LiftStation is available as a single or twin discharge system.

Watch our video on the Tablet & Capsule Elevator


  • Fully enclosed stainless-steel construction
  • Safety Interlocked Operator access doors
  • Large bulk hopper mounted at the base of the machine
  • Chip and dust extraction
  • Servo-driven lifting system with brake
  • Ultrasonic sensors for monitoring of downstream hopper levels
  • Full colour operator touch screen
  • Excellent GMP features
  • 316 Stainless steel and FDA approved product contact materials
  • Tool Free part removal for cleaning


  • Single out-feed chute
  • Twin motor-driven out-feed chute
  • Extended out-feed chute


Lifting System Electric Belt Drive
Output Capacity Up to 1.5 million tablets per hour
Operator Interface 4″ Touchscreen (running Logic TPS software)
Control System Dual Core ARM Cortex A9
Lift Drive Motor Servo Drive (closed loop with brake)
Discharge Chute Adjustable Single or Twin (option)
Discharge Height Range From 1.5m to 3.5m
Construction FDA Approved Materials
Build Standards cGMP, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Electrical 230v 1pH 50 Hz / 110v 1PH 60Hz
Machine Size/Weight L=100cm x W=60cm x H=up to 4m Weight= approx 350kg


Logic LiftStations are used extensively by companies operating in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthcare, Cosmetic, Chemical, Food and other industries.